15 November 2018

Revelation 4
Ecclesiastes 12

Revelation 4. Revelation 4 and 5 describe how John, and us his readers, gets a glimpse of how Jesus’ victory works out in the future. John, here in Revelation 4 sees a vision of God the Father Almighty on His throne. We as modern western readers often get a bit thrown with the imagery and language that John uses here, but even in plain reading, we can grasp something of the magnitude of the person who is sitting on the throne. Every being present is bowed down in worship to God on His throne. And all respond in songs of worship.

The creatures see God and are caused to say ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.’ (verse 8) And ‘whenever’  the creatures praise God, the elders ‘fall down before him’ in worship (verse 9-10). The God who was, and is, and is to come, elicits perpetual praise from the creatures around Him. They cannot but praise the mighty one who is seated on the throne.

This picture of God always fills me with slight dread and shame as I realise that this view of God is often a far cry from my own view of God. Yes, as I grow in my knowledge of Him, I love Him more, and seek Him more. But often I’m guilty of making Him smaller in my life than He truly is, as He’s shown Himself here in Revelation 4. I think for most of us, the healthy reverent fear that we should have for our God and Father, maker of heaven and earth, is often waning. As a result, I find myself a bit slow at times to willingly throw my crown before His Throne in humble worship, as we see the elders do here. Often I fool myself into thinking there are still parts of my life where I can behave as King.

May we be challenged by Revelation 4 to have a far greater view of God and a far smaller view of ourselves, so that we can think rightly, and therefore live our lives better in service to our awesome and mighty God.