22 February 2018

Luke 24
Proverbs 5

Luke 24. Nobody’s testimony of coming to faith in Christ is the same. The beauty of our God is that He meets us where we are. My testimony is different from everyone else’s because God chose to open my heart and mind to Him in a unique way from everyone else. Some come to faith by hearing a sermon. Others by hearing the testimony of a friend who is a believer. And still others by reading the Bible for themselves.   

After He rose from the dead, Jesus revealed the Good News in different ways to those who followed him. The women taking spices to the tomb were met by two men in gleaming clothes who proclaimed His resurrection (Luke 24:5-6). The disciples heard about the resurrection first from the women (vs 9), then by going to see for themselves (at least in Peter’s case – vs 12). Two of them met a “stranger” on the road to Emmaus who was seemingly oblivious to all that had just happened, then revealed His identity to them as they told him of all Jesus had taught them (vs 25-27, 31). Jesus later appeared to all the disciples and proved He was really alive (and not a ghost), by eating a meal with them (vs 36-40) and showing them His scars.

How reassuring to know that the Lord meets each of us where we are, rather than waiting for us to come to Him. Some of us need to “see for ourselves” before we trust in Jesus, while others believe the first time they hear the gospel message. Praise God for His grace that extends to each of us no matter where we spiritually stand!