24 October 2018

1 Peter 4
Psalm 119:25-48

Psalm 119: 25-48. 1 Peter 4 continues giving guidance on how we should live for God and how we should respond to sufferings because we are Christians. As a result we will look at Psalm 119 – well known as the longest Psalm – but that should also be known as the Psalm that rejoices in the Word of God. Probably my first exposure to the Psalm was as a result of reading Herman Charles Bosman at high school. In the story the dominee (minister) announces that the congregation will sing Psalm 119. Normally the number of verses that would be sung was announced but not on this occasion. The dominee fell into a trance like sleep and on waking when the Psalm ended, the dominee thought he was in the next service and announced the singing of Psalm 119 again. It was a humorous short story that put me off reading the psalm to my detriment, as I missed out on reading about the wonder and guidance that God’s word gives.

Christopher Ash has written a great book based on Psalm 119 entitled ‘Bible Delight’ and I would encourage anyone who is interested in growing deeper in God’s Word to read this book. Even more I would encourage a frequent reading of this Psalm. Yesterday’s verses refer to the blessings that we receive in being obedient to God’s Word, and how we can live pure lives by following God’s Word.

The psalmist shows that we find strength, perseverance and preservation as we spend time in God’s word and delight in it. We are encouraged to meditate on God’s Word and in so doing be willing to talk to others about God and His ways, enabled to praise and worship God in a more worthy manner.

As we study the attributes of God this term there is no better resource than God’s Word. Many of God’s attributes are referred to in this Psalm. While the Herman Charles Bosman story about Psalm 119 was humorous as a result of repeating the longest psalm, we will find great value and encouragement when we read this psalm regularly.