5 March 2018

John 2
Psalm 19

Psalm 19 is one of those psalms that leave me in awe of my God every time I read it. I am reminded how the entire creation is constantly singing God’s praises, declaring His Glory. We live in a place that gives us ample opportunity to see this first hand, from our mountains, beaches, seas and everything in between; we have to acknowledge that this city we call home is an undeniable declaration of our God’s glorious handiwork. And if that were all that God has revealed of Himself to us, it would be an awesome thing to behold. But it’s not.

Verses 7-11 remind us that we can call this awesome creator God, our Lord, and that He has spoken words directly to us, His perfect words, which we have the privilege of holding in our hands every time we pick up our bibles. This psalm reminds me that these words from God are all we need for living this life, as they meet our every need. We are told His words revive our souls, make us wise, cause our hearts to rejoice, enlighten our eyes. Can you think of anything else in this world that so completely holds us, keeps us, guides us, and fulfils us?  Like the Psalmist, I cannot help but be in awe, wondering who could possibly find any fault in this perfect God, our Lord? (vs.12)

From gazing at God’s glory, both in creation and in His word, and then shifting my gaze to myself, I can’t help but notice the glaring need for improvement and the feelings of disappointment and guilt. I become acutely aware of my brokenness. My daily failures, lost patience, unloving thoughts, words and actions, are some of the many instances in which I fail to reflect my Creator and Lord’s glory to the world around me. This should bring me humbly me to my Lord’s feet for help. But that is the beauty of this psalm. Knowing who his God is and who he is, the psalmist cries out for his God to cleanse him, make him innocent. Like him, we too need to be saved us from ourselves, our sinfulness, both what we are aware of and the many sins we are not aware of. Only our Lord by His grace can save us and change us, so that we too can pray with confident assurance and say “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer”.