7 February 2018

Luke 13
Psalm 9

10 Those who know your name trust in you,
    for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

Psalm 9:10

In Luke 11 and 12 we see how prayer is an act of faith as is seeking God’s Kingdom an act of faith. Today the Psalmist presents us with another similar concept – trust.

People can know the LORD because He has revealed Himself in no uncertain terms – whether it is through all His wonders or the defeat of all His enemies (vs 1-6). Those who know Him are assured of many great and wonderful blessings. The LORD reigns forever. He rules justly. And the LORD’s just rule is His people’s security, especially for those who are oppressed, troubled, needy, and afflicted.

What does that mean for us today then? Well, people can know the LORD because of what He has done for us in Jesus Christ. And because of what Christ has done for us, we can trust Him.

The Bible is not removed from the reality of the suffering in the world that we live in. God’s word deals with it! The reality of life is that there are people who are terribly oppressed, many are troubled and needy and afflicted! However, God’s word speaks to all these trials and difficulties.

The LORD Himself is a refuge, a hiding place, a shelter. In Him, we are utterly secured. We are never forgotten by God even though it seems like it sometimes. Our hope in Him and the security that He brings will never perish because it is an eternal hope. As the Bible deals with the reality of pain and suffering and a host of troubles it – at the same time – offers us a solution. The only real solution is this: “know Him” (vs 10) and “seek Him” (vs 10).

Pray for help to grow deep in your knowledge of Him so that the trouble of life doesn’t surprise you. And pray for help to single-mindedly seek Him and His Kingdom.